Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Publix Flyer The Home Tailgate Playbook $10 in savings

$1/2 hebrew national beef franks-This will go nicely with the facebook coupon I posted earlier!
-$1/2 Guldens mustard
-$1/1 peter pan (28 oz)
-$1/1 Banquet bagged chicken
-$3 off &10 in participating Conagra products ( orville redenbachers popcorn and poppycock, hunts ketchup,snack pack pudding,slim jim, manwich )
-$1/3 Rotell tomatoes
-$1/3 hunts 14.5 oz or larger
-&1/1 Pam no stick spray

These are Publix coupons and expire Oct 14th

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