Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FashionPlaytes 10% off! Let Tweens and kids design their own clothes!

This sale goes until November 31st and is geared towards tweens. Lucky for me I have a tween! I have to say...I can no longer just bring her home an outfit. She has to be there, and honestly if I even comment about the clothes...she doesn't like it...I guess that is part of being a tween...I accept my role as an innocent               bi-standard...hanging out by the dressing room with no comments (unless I hate the outfit-then I say how cute it is and she puts it back...Score! I shouldn't be so forthcoming but its my life.) and I like this company where she can pick out what she really likes! I checked out the site...its really neat! They let the tweens/kids design their own clothes by starting with a shirt or hoodie or anything really, then they let them pick the color, the designs like picking polka dots, or little hearts or gem stones and you only pay for what you get. And its cheap! Especially for what they are getting to do...have fun! Which with our dressing room experiences...this seems much more fun! Go here to Save 10% Off your New Design at FashionPlaytes, where Tween Girls Design their own Fashions! Coupon Code: Fall10 Let me know what you get! And photos would be fun too!

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