Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Deal on Iron Man Action figures at Toys R Us!

Toys R Us is having a great sale for items under $10 The Iron Man action figures are sale priced at $4.99...and you can use this coupon to get another $1/1 to get them for $3.99! Great or a stocking stuffer! 
Don't forget about their Hasbro Sale...bring in any old game and get 30% off on a new game...clear the shelves...you know you have games that have a few pieces missing and kids never pick to play...get rid of it and get a new game they will enjoy! And to add to the score...get a FREE $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts with a purchase of $15 or more Go here to check out there ad and all the details.

We have a game that surprisingly all ages enjoys...it is called sequence and even when my daughter was five she could play it easily. It is a game where you draw cards and place a chip on the board when you get the matching card. So it is sort of a cross between bingo and a card game???? I don't know, but we always have fun at it...and it is quick to play.

(thanks bensmamma!)


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