Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have you heard of Zulily??? Free to join and get daily deals...

These are some of todays deals in the Hype collection! They are priced so reasonable...I paid more for my Daughters dresses at Target last year! 
Reasonably priced at 19.99- 22.99!!!
I Love this one!
Okay I could go on and on about the Hype collection and would order every dress if my daughter would wear them!!!
And the Jamie Rae Hats collection is sooo adorable and really great prices as well! 
It seems like everything is $11.99-16.99 for the sets!
Oh My this makes me want another baby!!!!
These hats and matching outfits are SOOO cute! 

And these adorable Tu Tu's are only 13.99! 

So cute initial towels!!!

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