Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to start a Freezer Meal Group!

Freezer meal group! What a fun idea....
To get started...
  • First get together with a some friends...about 6-10 would be great.
  • Then Decide on a menu or at least for each person to have a them/ that everyone does not make pasta for mexican, italian, indian etc....and husbands are usually not up for all of the same meats so try to make a variety. And each person just has that one meal to prepare, so it it easy to buy in bulk or on sale....and try to think of bulk ingredients you already have in your house!Here is a link with recipes for freezer meals and appetizers...although there are hundreds of sites out there.
  • when your meals are set...Then each month you choose a person to host the night. Then you all meet up for sort-of a girls night...I suggest that person have a babysitter. 
  • Then each person comes with their ingredients...enough for each person in the group, and either gallon ziplock bags or aluminum pans and foil or plastic wrap. I suggest that if meat is involved to cook at your own house and then bring save time.
  • Then when everyone is together...Assemble! This is the fun part! Just have each person set up a little station on the counter tops, kitchen table etc and assemble the meals....Have fun laugh...even drink a glass of wine. Be sure to label the meals with a sharpie with the name and cooking instructions...For example..350 degrees Chicken Lasagna
  • At the end of the have each person hand out their meals and head home. Your freezer will have 6-10 (Depending how many people participated) and on the ball game nights or nights where you just don't want to cook or have a nice meal! 
  • Be the internet for freezer meal recipes...there are tons! 
  • Make sure you know about any allergies in the other families.
  • Think crockpot too! You can assemble these meals in a zip bag and just dump in the crockpot on Sundays before church and have a great meal when you get home...I know trying to get everyone out of the door I usually do not have time to prepare a great meal for lunch:)
  • Try these ideas or make a few freezer meals on your own to try out the idea and then let me know what you come up with..I would love to photos also! 

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