Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am falling in love with!

Starting October 1, 2010, all Gift Cards ship with FREE One-Day Shipping, making this perfect present a great last-minute gift. Redeemable for millions of items with no expiration, Gift Cards are available in a variety of designs and denominations for any gifting occasion.
I found a few clearance items when I was checking out this deal...lipstick for a penny! And an ipod charger for 1.24! And a Vera Bradley purse for 39.99...which I will post a pic of a purse I just bought for 68! I had no idea Amazon had these deals...And you don't even have to bid! I do think this would be a better gift card than Ebay...which was my favorite to give last my family can get something without bidding. 

Okay here is picture of that same purse I got for 68...which I have not even used yet...before I was such a money saving maven a few months ago...It kinda makes me think of what else I could have gotten for the money!

Anywho (My favorite word...) Head on over for my pick for deal of the can click on any of the pictures above to get there:) 


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