Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jasmere has a My Lucky Wish Voucher worth $35...for $17!

Todays Stackable $35 vouchers give you an all access pass to the My Lucky Wish Boutique. They have classic modern, fun and practical gifts for family, friends or for yourself,perfect for the holidays coming up!
Jasmere is a Deal company, kind of like Groupon, Woot etc. They sell Vouchers to companies, for about 55% off or more. The price goes down, as more people buy throughout the day. And if you do purchase a voucher at say $17...and then it goes down that night...you only are charged the lowest price! And If you refer people...you get credit toward your purchases!   If you are interested in this voucher or signing up for Jasmere for future offers head over here.


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