Sunday, October 10, 2010

The mail box does floweth over!

Just a testament that my mailbox does floweth over....well when I put in the effort! I was new to couponing back in early spring this year and signed up for EVERYTHING! Then early summer I got something or five somethings in the mail everyday. Then I got tired of filling out my address and surveys and just stopped unless it was crazy the end of summer...almost mailbox was lonely. I really missed getting little surprises in the mailbox everyday. So I find now...balance is key. I think...will I use it or can I give it to someone? Otherwise I do not sign up for the freebies. 
Today in my mailbox I got these little Gems...which I will use! 

The advil I got from a blog letting us there was a freebie out there and the Alexia I got from emailing the company! I LOVE their sweet potato fries...I love how they are seasoned...we eat them with some homemade honey mustard. I will give you that recipe on another is so easy!
So ...all in all the freebies are worth  the work of requesting them if you will use the item...I no longer request them...just to get  something. 

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