Friday, October 22, 2010

Personalization Mall....I love it!

This site looks like it has been made for me!I will be spending alot of my dollars at this site this Christmas season! If you know me, you know that I LOVE personalized anything. I stumbled upon this site that has so many fun family style things I had to show you...
Personalized Autumn Heart Welcome Door Mat - 4166Family Characters Personalized Ceramic Cookie Jar - 5317You Name It© Bamboo Cutting Board - 4486

Personalized Snowman Holiday Doormat - Let It Snow - 7643Aluminum Personalized Sports Water Bottle - You Name It - 6382Personalized Girls Pillowcases - Lots of Hearts Design - 6406Personalized Kids Christmas Holiday Bake Set - 5895Personalized Cartoon Character Christmas Lawn Sign - 6332Silver Star Personalized Christmas Tree Topper - 7439
Alright I could REALLY  post the whole site up...these are my fav's...Especially this star with the family name. Probably the best deal would be the lil chefs set for only 14.95...That would be a great gift for a with an apron...I helped my daughter make one a few years ago ...Actually it was five years ago and she still wears it...I will post it below. And the little family Christmas address sign is only 15.95...I am into to this kind of thing...It does give me warm and fuzzies...I know please do not gag:) Here is the apron we made together with just markers one year..not the level of personalization you can get on this we were rookies:)
The stains...are badges of honor...we cook alot together:)



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