Thursday, October 7, 2010


An article on how to handle when an transaction goes bad or cashier is grumpy...

Here's a few scenarios from my experiences this week... 
 I was at my Publix and my cashier I usually go to was in the ten item or less lane:( So I see a few of the grumpy older ladies that almost have panic attacks when they coupon and scruntize every Q and TAKE FOREVER( seriously about 1/2 hour) I saw a young new to Publix girl, so I went to her lane. I was thinking, she would probably at least be nice. So then I give her coupons, she shuts her lane down...okay fine with me, at least I will not have other customers whining or yelling behind me for once. Then she tells me I can not use a Publix Q and a manufacturers Q on the same item because it is buy one get one free. And hands the coupon back to me. I asked her why? She said because you can't do that. I advised her of Publix policy, which I am sure she is learning...but as a seasoned couponer...I was patient. She called over the CS Rep and she said of course she can use that Q, and helped her scan it. Then she said "This lady is the best couponer I have ever seen, and she knows our rules better than we do" ...WOW! That was nice to hear. I usually just get a faky smile and they move along when these issues arise. So I thanked her. Then the cashier seemed embarrassed and I said hey I have been coming here a  long time and it is alot to learn, trying to comfort her. She then asked me where I got all my coupons. I told her and then got my bill for the transaction.....27 cents for two packages of Pledge wipes...regular 3.99 each:)

Another transaction, at a different Publix...where I frequent when I take my daughter to cheerleading practice, huffed and puffed, and scrolled up and down her transactions for every Q asking me if I even bought the items. I offered to take the items back out of the bags, if it would make it easier on her, (she said no) she took a very long time with people behind me, seemingly being spiteful and loud about every complaint she had, on what seemed to be an easy transaction. I tried to be an example to her when she accused me of not buying enough of an item and giving her too many Q's, she sort-of had an ugly tone and tried to give the Q back. I simply got all ten of the product I bought out and very nicely counted them in front of her. She said "my bad" quietly.  I told her that everyone makes mistakes and it was no problem:) 
The thing is...I am sure the cashiers have meetings to look over every Q, because they are scammers out there. I get that, but could they hide their fear and anger and put on a smile while they check everyone out and just worry if there is a problem and try to work it out together with the customer??? I guess thats my psychology classes talking. The way I do it is to be as pleasant as humanly possible, and they need to call over managers...fine by me...I do not huff or puff...I thank them helping out. I look at the people behind me and thank them for their patience or I warn them I have a lot of coupons if they are just joining the line. I then pray for the cashier all the way out the door. Who knows what situation they are in at work or at home. And then best of all...know those store policies...even carry them with you. I also make sure to leave at least fifteen to twenty minutes to check that if there is a line and then my I do not become impatient.
I Think that being patient and kind is what God would want us to do and I pray that with all cashiers, I can show the fruits of the spirit and be an example.


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