Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shutterfly has the best Cards for Christmas this year!

Shop the most wonderful cards of the year
I know where I am getting my Christmas cards this year! I really like doing photo cards ever year. The black and white one you see above is really pretty and I think it will go great with our theme. This year we are doing a beach theme. Only fitting since we are in sunny Florida, near the beach. And the inside of the card next to it gives you the opportunity to put a photo of each family member with a little update about them. This is perfect for telling about your year! I am going to have sports photos of the kids, in their cheerleading and soccer gear...for me and my husband, maybe something soft and pretty from our beach photos. Some of our friends and family keep these photos up on their refrigerators for years! Usually it is the only photo we send to literally every friend and family member each year! So I think it is worth spending a little to get them professionally made! Sometimes I try to get cards and put a picture inside each, and by that time...I have spent more than having a company like Shutterfly just make them for me. This year I chose Shutterfly because they have great deals on the shipping and I like their layouts. Ready to make your Cards? Head over to the links below and let them do the work for you!
Let me know what you chose! 

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