Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where I get my coupons....Many Places...

One place is the magazine...All You...It usually has At least a hundred dollars a month in good it pays for itself. It is only about 15.00 per year on Go here. I also get them in my Sunday newspapers...for this weeks preview go here. I also get them from my local grocery stores...even if I am not buying that product that day...I take a booklet or two (For BOGO sales) And if I see blinkies or tearpads in the aisles, I take a few (In multiples of two) for a later date when the item is on sale. I also order tehm, if I hear of a coupon that did not come in my newspaper, I personally use Dede, I honestly was weary of ording coupons, but I've done it a few times now, and they never have let me down. Mostly if I see a coupon that is going to awesome for sale. I order it right as the sale is going to begin and it always comes before the sale is over, usually about two days(not including the weekend) If you wan to see her coupon stock...go here.I always try to match a sale, with a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon to get items at a rock bottom price when grocery shopping. For everything else I simply shop online with coupon codes and deal sites...If you stay tuned I always list these sites in my posts for you to get the deals.  Okay enough about me..where do you get your coupons?

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