Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30% Off at Flirty Aprons!

 The women's Flirty Aprons are adorable!  Kinda sweet...Kinda Sexy! 

Woman's Apron Original Sassy BlackWoman's Apron Original Chic PinkWoman's Apron Original Frosted CupcakeWoman's Apron Cherry BlossomWoman's Apron Original Blue ChocolateWoman's Apron Very Cherry OriginalWoman's Apron Original Scarlet Blossom
They have womens and girls Flirty Aprons....They are sweet, cute and sexy at the same time! 

Men's Apron Original My Grill is Hotter than Yours (Black)
Men's Black "My Grill is
 hotter than yours"or "I Like Big Buns!"

Head over here to Flirty Aprons for 30% Off  any purchase using code CYBER30 at checkout. The aprons start at 24.50...so should come out to about 17.00, and shipping starts at just under $6, and does not go up very much for additional aprons, So I suggest ordering at least two to make it worth your while. Hey, one for you and one for a gift! 


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