Wednesday, November 10, 2010

80% Off at!!! is selling gift cards worth $25 for $2! Thats a whopping 80% off! If you have not signed up for I highly suggest that you do. Its free and easy, so why not. Here is how it works. You login or sign up at there site below. 
  • Then you either purchase a gift certificate through there site for $2 With the code GIVE, by choosing a restaurant on their site in your area. You purchase, print your voucher/gift certificate to keep or give as a gift.  The voucher/printable gift cert is good for a year. 
  • The second way to purchase is through their Dinner of the Month Club...which you can purchase for 80% off. you get (12) $25 gift certificates and free extra gift certificate! for $24 bucks you go out to eat 13 times! 
  • The third way to purchase is actual gift cards. They are $3 for a $25 dollar card and they are sent to you. I will be using these for several gifts this year! These are redeemed by the recipient going on to and choosing a restaurant to enjoy. I will be using these for teacher gifts, family gifts, great for giving the mailman or trash collectors. I usually bake them cookies, but for about the same price I can give them something nice. This makes me think of co-workers also. It is hard to buy something nice for each coworker or secret santa things at work, bosses etc. This is a way to get everyone on your list a great gift and not put a dent in your wallet. 
  • The fine print...yes there are some rules. When you head to the restaurant after you have wil be expected to order $35 in food. So your $25 will go towards it and then pay the remaining ten. And most restaurants add the tip to the check in advance. I can totally understand this. I kow the servers do not want to get the shaft if someone tips ont he smaller amount  I used to be a server- can you tell?) 
To get in on this great deal Go here 

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