Monday, November 22, 2010

Creative ways to Jazz up your gifts...For free if you have School Glue and glitter around the house!

 I was looking for a way to Jazz up these gifts without spending any money and Walla! I thought of School glue and glitter. And part of me said ...oh the mess...but that is what vacuums are for! And for those who are receiving these gifts...

 Like Mal Mal...short for Mallory, my precious niece..I hope it makes her feel even more special! 
 My Daughter and son I am sure overlook my creativity, because I do so many special things for them...they probably don't even know all the love I poor into their gifts and each day...All the hugs and kisses and I love you's, because they see it and hear it so much...I am okay with that! Its a wonderful world when you can fill a child with so much love that its "Normal" to them! 
 I started making this name for my beautiful niece Kayleigh by writing on her wrapped present with school glue...keep it so that it does not come out to fast or too much or it will run together..
Less is more here!
 Then sprinkle with glitter...
 And wait about 10 minutes or so...dust off the box by tapping it and blow off the excess...
TADA! Pretty presents for the one's you love! 
Do you have creative ways to dress up a presents for the Holidays...Share with us in the comments below or email a picture!


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