Friday, November 12, 2010

Gift Card Rescue...Get cheap gifts cards!

I would have to say I have a few gift cards over the years that needed a rescue.
 They were to places I just didn't care to get something at and would have preferred a different card or the money. This company buys
 and sells gift cards for cheaper than the you get the savings!
And what I liked about this site is that they guarantee your money back...I was thinking of the same thoughts you may be having...for instance "What if the amount promised is not on the card or the card doesn't show up to my house" But they are promising money back so I trust that.
Here are some of the savings I saw tonight on their site: 
Walmart 4% (Sounds low but think of how much you spend here on electronics and Christmas gifts for the kids....It adds up!

 Cheesecake Factory Save 10% YUM!

Maggianos, Macaroni Grill, On the Border and Chili's Save 10%  YUM!
Express Save 15%!
Gymboree Save 15%

P.F. Changs Save 10%
Wendy's Save 8%

Bath and Body Works Save 12% 


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