Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great Lifesavers/ Starburst Storybook Coupons and Wrigleys Heritage tins coupons!

I have to say that as a child, one of my favorite traditions was to get the lifesavers storybook in my stocking along with chocolate gold coins, an apple and orange and a 50 cent piece...Like clockwork I knew at least those items would be there. The orange and the apple weren't high on the list...LOL!
3 Wrigley's Heritage Tins Gift Box Pack Set (10 packs of gum included: each Tin Contains 3 Spearmint, 3 Doublemint and 4 Juicy Fruit Packs of Gum)

These will be great stocking stuffers for my kids...I carry on those traditions, along with a few of my own:)


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