Monday, November 1, 2010

Here are some of Todays Groupons...they look pretty good!

Akron/ Canton $17 for a Ticket to One of Three Pops Shows with the Akron Symphony Orchestra ($35 Value)

About Groupon: You can purchase any item, from any if you are buying for a friend or family member out of state...that will work. You can even buy for yourself if you will be in that area...Or anytime an online item goes on sale in any area...of course you can get in on that deal! A good thing to know is that the price goes down as the people purchase throughout the day...go ahead and get in on a deal right away if like the item and price...then as it goes down get the best price. They so not charge your card until the best price has been determined at the end of the night. Remember, there are always limits of how many you can purchase for yourself, so think of friends and family members...and they run out! Don't think because there are for example 100 spa treatments left that you have all day to get in on the deal...sometimes it goes within a matter of minutes. How do you get in on the Groupon deals? Go here and sign up by entering your name and email...then click on the list of cities and find yours...walla you are ready to get in on the deal! And of course you can search other cities for online deals etc.

Let me know what you get!


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