Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Twinn Doll Deals!

And when they say can even pinpoint a freckle or a mole exactly if you choose to. You can even send in a picture and have their team match it exactly...or choose the facial features on 

My Twinn Perfect Match

Deal Scenario #1 They have a great deal on their site ...If you buy a bunk bed$149..which is really substantial! See below! Then you get a adopt a friend doll for $50 (Regular $99)+ free stuff (They didn't mention what this included) 

Deal Scenario #2...A little more pricey but the reason you would want one of these dolls...a custom doll $149 (If you don't add all the extra accessories....just skip through) And a bunk bed for $149, then you get a free Adopt  a friend (Reg $99) +Free stuff (I believe this a coupon for free merchandise) Its great to have the same kind of large doll for when a friend comes over.

Sweetheart_PJ.jpgSmiley Hood.jpgWhite_Ruffle.jpgSnowPrincess.jpg
Matching clothes are Pricey but adorable! This is the kind of thing that I would chip in with grandma for! I like giving my daughter these kind of gifts, then have family get the accessories has everthing she wants. I like her to have a substantial Christmas present instead of a lot of little junkie items...I think I enjoy this stuff as much as she has over the years! We bought her doll at another site...for ALOT more! But it was a few years ago...before I was thrifty! The site mentioned something nice...That these dolls are fun and special to play with now and an heirloom to treasure forever. I believe it, because my daughter still treasures her doll. (I save my dolls from when I was a little girl to give my daughter) 
If you are interested in these deals Head over here. to MyTwinn


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