Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remember Lets give the gift of water! Just takes an email and confirmation through email!

Click here!
Many people in  the world go without simple for us! We just head over to the sink or water fountain when we are thirty or parched. Many people do not have this opportunity! P&G is offering that every person that enters their email here...then confirms through email...that they will provide one day of drinking water to someone. One of my fondest memories as a child, is not wanting to go inside when I was playing and running to the outside hose and getting a drink! So I was excited about this!

And to top it off...P&G is offering to give a $50 gift card for every 1000 days of water we provide! Which I will of course pass on to you!
I will post this as much as possible until they reach their goal of 100,000! Please enter your email...this is so important!


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