Monday, November 8, 2010

Swirl has the cool watches every teen, preteen and young adult wants!

Scented Flat Watch - MagentaScented Flat Watch - Fluorescent GreenSilicone Flat Watch - PurpleClassic Silicone Watch - Baby Blue
These watches are a big hit, "All the rage" (Am I allowed to say that as a mom???) I have seen these around in the malls....but they are PRICEY. Swirl has them for only $25- $30 and in a ton of colors. I think they are pretty cute. I love the bright colors! Maybe thats the 80's teen coming out in me...but I love the vibrant things kids have an opportunity to wear these days!

Go here to check these out. You can login or sign up (Which only takes your name and email) And then go under the "Pixel Moda" Tab

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