Sunday, November 7, 2010

Swirl has more cool and funny gifts!!! Check out the pick your nose party cups and the "Half eaten cookie cutters

Kitchen - ABC* Cookies Cookie Cutter
Holy Moley this is funny! I am definitely putting these out at
my holiday party! somebody at this company
has a great sense of humor!
Eco-Friendly - Eco Cup On Ice
This eco cup is a great deal...
I have been pricing them...And they are
expensive...between 22.00 and 25.00
So this is definitely a deal! 
Kitchen - Hidden Animal Teacup - Bear
This tea cup is cool gift for a coffee or tea drinker...
Because there is a bear in there! When they finish...they
get to see a little friend!

Kitchen - Pick Your Nose Party Cups
These party "Pick your nose cups" Are hysterical
I would love to put these out at my Christmas party or office party!
Swirl has them for $9

Head over here to login or sign up.  (To sign up only takes a name and an email) And they give you $25 credit for inviting friends! To check out the things I have listed, head over and click on the "Holiday" Tab.


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