Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vistaprint is at it again! $1.99 Holiday cards and 140 Free Labels to put on them!

For a limited time only Vistaprint is launching a very HOT Holiday Cards offer: Get 20 Photo Holiday Cards for just $1.99! Holiday Cards are sent once a year but remembered forever! Hurry, holidays are just around the corner! Just do not add anything on and skip through the extras to get this price!

Go here to order your holiday cards!

140 Free Customizable Address Labels!  Perfect for gift tags, holiday card address labels, and more!  The labels are free, just pay for shipping and processing. I recently ordered these and my shipping and processing was $3.00 we got the labels that look like little characters of our family...even down to our pet Hammy the hamster! ...

Go here to get Free Labels! And ask for the longest shipping rate! I always do and I still get my products within a week:)


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