Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cricut Cake: Have your cake and eat it too!

Cricut Cake cutter! Wow! This is very hip. With this Cutter, you will be able to wow all your friends! I know I have invested what seems to be hundreds and hundreds on cakes every year, either buying all the stuff(And pans and stuff at the crafts store) ...always more expensive or ordering one for $50+. Oh my this is a great deal. I went up to the craft store where I was contemplating getting one of these and the deal just was not good enough. But through my site, they are offering a great deal...
For Heavencents Readers Here they are offering $150 worth of Accessories for FREE! WOOHOO!
Here is what it comes with! Plus the bonus! 

And everything you need to get started comes right in the box. Your Cricut Cake comes complete with:
Cricut Cake Machine
Pastry Blade (dishwasher safe)
Blade Housing
Keypad Protector
Cake Basics Cartridge With Over 700 Images
Food Safe Cutting Mat
Parchment Paper
Frosting Sheets
Step-by-Step “How-To” DVD
Complete User Manual
Full 1-Year Warranty on Electronic Parts
Full 90-Day Warranty on Labor and Non-Electric Parts
Plus a Bonus to Heavencents Readers:
A Cake seaonal Cartridge
ACake Everday Cartridge
Cricut cake recipe book 
Party Package

This all comes with the Cricut Cake when you order through this link: 4cricutcake.com
This video is awesome...I want this machine! 

Watch Cricut Cake In Action!

  • And they assure me that if the Cricut cake is ordered by December 12th that It will arrive by Christmas! 
  • Although in this video they offer to try it out for $33...the advertisement they sent me says that the $150 in free accessories are when you buy it at once online in a single order. I don't want you to miss out on the deal-just want to make sure you know the fine print:

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