Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Traditions are so Important...What are yours?

 This is my daughter Madi-Grace and her friend Audrey! Every year we make a Gingerbread house either by ourselves or with friends. A Christmas memory I can laugh at now-then I was so mad, was that we made a Gingerbread house and I was so excited that I would be using it as our Christmas centerpiece, which was about a week away. We spent a long time making it just right. And I bought extra candies for everyone to eat while we made it. And then the next morning, much to my dismay I woke up and the Gingerbread house was robbed! It was kinda broken and all the candy was missing and messy. Come to find out, my husband and kids thought the Gingerbread house was their midnight snack! I was soooo mad. I had wanted to enjoy it until at least Christmas day. And the kids said " We did enjoy it!"

Every year we let the kids open a new pair of Jammies for Christmas eve night. If you are going to do this, I highly suggest, that you write "Open Christmas Eve" or you will be opening several gifts to see where they are! LOL. A few times I have forgotten and I have had to peek in a few. 

 This is my son Hunter (yes the long surfer haircuts are in in Sunny Florida:) This was two years ago he now has it shorter. Hunter Loves opening one gift on Christmas eve-Besides the PJ's I try to mark this one also. Something they can play with-not just clothes or something. I try to make it one of the smaller gifts. 

There are a few things that I always got in my stocking as a child, that I have carried on to my kids, Money (Usually a odd denomination, like a two dollar bill or a fifty cent piece), chocolate coins covered in gold wrappers, a lifesavers story book or any storybook candies, the plastic candy cane filled with m&m's or another kind of candy...this year I saw them filled with Sponge Bob Crabby Patties!  And I used to get an orange and an apple...but we change that...due to kids not going for that anymore LOL. Usually a Cd or little jewelry or ITunes gift cards.
Christmas eve we go to our church's candle light service. Oh how beautiful to see the sea of light. All the beautiful Christmas carols and people are so happy and peaceful remembering why we celebrate Christmas!
I hope The Christmas Season is hopeful and Bright for you and your family!
What are your traditions?


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