Monday, December 6, 2010

Regifting: Is it okay?

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I several thoughts on this subject:

***First let me give you a disclaimer that I have been regifted too...In the wrong way several times! Not that I am bitter or anything! LOL!

Okay...My story...Along time ago My mom gave a gift to someone else in my family, from my extended family on the other side. It was a sacrifice to give, because she is not family with them herself, but want to be generous and bought them a gift for around $40...they did not give her anything in return, but no biggie. It was from her heart. The next Christmas rolls around and I am watching their son open that very gift. Hmmm...kinda weird, knowing the sacrifice....but gets weirder...the following summer I see that the son has given the gift to his dog-it was a blanket, and it is really stinky and dirty....hmm...trying not to be bitter...but I was. Then I realize, everyone regifts...just how to do it the right way...

If you regift often...
*Put a sticky on these gifts in a closet or storage box, so you know who gave it to you
*Only give a gift that you think the person would really like or enjoy
*Give the gift to someone, who does not run in the same circles as the person who originally gave you  the gift. For instance, If you got the gift at a gift exchange at work...then you regift it to your mom. Or you got the gift from your sister and you regift to the mailman.
*Do not tell the person this is  a regift, or from a yard sale or thrift store.

No No's...Giving the gift to other person who gave it to you! Or you got the gift from from boss and you regift to a coworker, you got the gift from your sister and you regift to your mom, you got the gift for your child from your sister and regift to another way, that one should have been saved for a toy drive or a birthday party for a classmate...that does not know your family.

***All in all I have regifted a few things, that are still wrapped and it worked out great if I knew the person would really like it and followed the rules above. What do you do?


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