Monday, October 11, 2010

Great deal on Powerade at Publix!

Powerade deal....
32oz Powerade is buy one get one free at 1.25 each
There is a hangtag out there for buy 10 get 5 free...
So when you get your five free...of course the store gives you five....
So you buy 5 for $6.00 get 15 FREE!
A total of 20! And these are big!!!
I did this the last time they were on sale and I ended up with 80 32oz powerades for just $24. These are great for soccer and cheerleading season in our house. right now we generally forget our drinks and have to pay 2 bucks for a 20oz times 4 people and some people end up wanting another one before the games are over...I could go broke at that snack shack at the ball field!!! 
And don't forget that all powerades have Coke rewards on  them!


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