Monday, October 11, 2010

Mmmmm the smell of homemade rolls!

I am stunned! I never knew rolls were sooo easy to make! Why have I been buying them all these years! Today I making enough for at least three meals with my family and freezing them. Of course I made these for dinner tonight...and they were a huge hit! Now I do have to admit that I made them with white flour...yes I am a little ashamed. But, I just ran out out of wheat flour. I plan to make them that way next time:) 
Here is the recipe in case anyone wants it:
7 1/2 oz of water (3/4 C + one TBSP) 
3 TBSP Butter or margarine
3 cups of bread flour
3 1/2 TBSP sugar
2 TBSP dry milk
1 Tsp Salt
2 Tsp active dry yeast ( or 1 1/2 bread machine/ fast rise yeast) 
Wahoo...I have all these things in my pantry! 
And then some softened butter to put on the just before they go in the oven...or you can use egg white.
Mix everything together. Try to get the salt and yeast to stay apart as much as possible at first because I believe it kills the yeast or something like that and make sure your water is NOT HOT because this does kill the the yeast!
Just mix together...(Or use a bread machine or stand mixer)
Then knead for about 8-10 minutes 
Then put in a bowl with a cloth over it to rise....after it doubles in size...knead again...make sure to flour your surface. Some people punch it down at this point...I think to get the air out or their frustrations out...I am sure sure which...I forgot to punch it...I will let you know if this causes issues...
Then let it sit again or freeze at this point (If you will need to let it sit out to thaw and rise again before you bake. 
top with butter or egg white
Then bake at 350 until it smells good...and does not look too brown. (If your family is like mine..they will make fun of you if you burn the bread:)
Don't leave them...these babies were homemade...Don't loose them now...then top with some butter and eat......
(This can be used to make regular bread by baking in a loaf pan or bread sticks by rolling out and cutting with a pizza cutter...I did this and topped with italian seasoning and butter and  they were great!
Oh my, I was going to take a photo for you....but they all were eaten before I had a chance!



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  3. Oh, they are delicious. My daughter makes all our own bread and rolls--even hamburger buns.

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