Monday, October 11, 2010

Tips and tricks for the coupon queens and kings!

  • Take a pair of small scissors in your purse or binder.You never know when you are going to come upon a great coupon book. 
  • Take a felt tip or fine sharpie with you...for all those know the good ones that are BOGO or Free to write in the price for the cashier...they will love you for it. 
  • My newest acceptance/learning, you don't have to do your whole shopping trip at once if you have a lot of Q's and live nearby of course. I really was beating myself up about not wanting to shop, after I spent time getting my Q's together...The end of the week would come and I would dreadfully head to the store with an artillery of Q's ...EXHAUSTING! Well I figured out since I live 3 blocks from the store and it is across from my kids school...I can go more than once a week...and it does tie up the lane with my massive amount of Q's. I think I counted once...I had 103 Q's in one trip!!!!....It was too much for one time. And I wonder if my groceries were melting while the smoke of the cashiers finger tips were going! Accept small trips too! I think they are much easier if you live close:)
  • Sometimes you miss a deal...Forgive yourself! This week I missed the $5 off any CVS accessory...the guilt of not getting this free item kills me since I live a block away...but I have to forgive myself...maybe I will get another Q from their magic coupon machine!  
  • Think about the gas...if you are going to get two boxes of pasta for free for driving across it worth your gas and time???? Think about these things. 
Just some thoughts,


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